스킵 네비게이션


Since 1992~

The company that thinks about the future to go forward rather than past path


12. received a citation from Iksan-si

12. obtained performance certification (EPC) of small and medium company's technology development product

09. registered a patent (Heat insulation finish material and heat insulation panel with it)

08. Nominated as a leading company of strategic industry by Jeollabuk-do

05. received a citation from the director of Small and Medium Business Administration

05. registered a patent (Operation control method of small and medium low temperature storeroom)

03. admitted as a company affiliated research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association)


05. registered a patent (Detection of defrosting time and defrosting system)


08. registered a design (Sandwich panel)

06. registered a patent (Defrosting detection device for evaporator for air-conditioning equipment)

02. registered a design (Low temperature storeroom)


12. obtained GOST (Russia standard) certificate

11. obtained the best product certification from Korean Standards Association (Low temperature storeroom)

07. obtained CE certificate

05. received a citation from the director of Small and Medium Business Administration

05. registered a patent (water collecting tank heating device using defrost waste heat)

05. egistered a patent (Low temperature warehouse)


06. selected as a export-promising small and medium company

05. selected as a Jeonbuk patent star company


10. selected as a promising small and medium company in Jeollabuk-do

09. selected as an excellent wright

05. selected as a management innovative small and medium company (MAINBIZ)

04. registered a agricultural machine (Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative)


10. established a research and development department newly

06. selected as a technology innovative small and medium company (INNOBIZ)


08. obtained venture business certificate

05. won a community service award from the governor of Jeonbuk


06. admitted as a CLEAN business place

04. added specialized construction business and machinery and equipment business

03. increased capital


10. obtained quality system ISO9001:2000, registered the factory (7,048㎡)

08. registered the trademark (cooling container and others: 5 items)


08. registration of design (container for food storage)


05. incorporated Cooltainer Co., Ltd. (Manufacturing, construction and machinery)


06. moved factory


11. established Il Yang Industry (Manufacturing and construction)

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