Cold chain system

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Cold chain system

For the quality satisfaction.

Cold Chain System

Cold chain system

Cooltainer realizes customer satisfaction with the best technology!

We realize customer satisfaction with the best technology of low temperature storage and distribution equipment, organizing a specialists team based on the technology power and high professionalism, to be able to provide consumers with the agricultural products safely with the quality just at the time of harvesting for safe food distribution.

Business content

As fresh as the state just at the time of harvesting!

The equipment creates stable profits for the users and provides consumers with safe foods, exceeding the concept of a simple storage equipment. We will take responsibility for the total service including design, equipment and installation of low temperature distribution for the purpose of maintaining the freshness, adjusting the shipment and securing safety.

Business area

| Distribution center of agricultural products in the
producing area (APC)
| New construction and extension work of low temperature storerooms for National Agricultural Cooperative Federation |
| Large size low temperature storeroom for flood shipment adjustment |
| Low temperature storeroom for farming families |

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