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Large refrigerator product

It can be used at any indoor and outdoor places. Product completed in the factory is movable. Large low temperature storeroom can be built at the site up to 1,000 pyeong.

Cooltainer provides the best products and services that impress customers!

Low temperature storeroom of Cooltainer Co., Ltd. is a foods and agricultural products storage facility that is designed with the best storage technology that has increased cold reserving performance with embossing urethane heat insulation, blocks the causes of food spoilage, maintains the balanced food quality, prevents food poisoning and other diseases, and increases storage time by reducing breathing quantity of agricultural products and slowing down the quality deterioration, by maintaining the set temperature inside the storeroom with automatic temperature control system.

Integral type freezer product/General(discrete type) freezer product

| Bird's eye view of large general food materials distribution center constructed by the company |

Simple maintenance

Condensing unit, cooling unit and temperature control are controlled in integration by automatic control system, and maintenance and management are simple.

The best durability and economics

Embossing color steel sheet in the outside blocks heat, and urethane panel, which maintains optimum density, blocks heat conduction and cold air leakage, and selection of refrigeration system according to accurate load calculation makes optimum storage environment to maintain the quality.

Optimum convenience

The equipment is designed to be used for both portable and fixed type through the adoption of crane hook (utility model), and to be built and installed on site.

Safe heat-proof structure

The equipment is designed to remove frost in the gap of the door and to block the heat conduction into the inside under the worst climate condition by built-in heating sensor

The door is designed to be opened and closed inside the equipment to prevent safety accident

Cheap electricity cost

Electricity consumption is saved by using 100T~150T urethane. The equipment is installed by Korea Electric Power Corporation at cost if you ask it as low temperature agricultural warehouse

Development of automatic control device for optimum defrosting time detection → Saving of power consumption

Excellent technology power (performance certification)

proved excellence of the product through obtaining technology development product performance certificate (EPC) from Small and Medium Business Administration

Developing company, the best service

Export-promising company, INNOBIZ certified company, management innovative company, agricultural machinery registered company, ISO9001 certification, GOST certification

Selected as production environment innovation technology development supported by the government, Selected as a company of technology innovation technology development project

The best A/S company in the country

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